Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vacation: Day 4

Well, I didn't post the past couple days, because I'm lazy. So I'll try to sum up everything I've done since then.

We got up and headed out for breakfast, only to find that the "all day breakfast" place that Google maps told us was a few blocks away, no longer exists. So we ended up finding McDonald's, and ate there. We did some wandering around the Lincoln Road mall, which is a really gorgeous area. The rest of Tuesday was spent walking around South Beach, just looking at everything there is to look at here. Our legs still hurt today from all that walking. It was a little too chilly to lay on the beach comfortably, so we declared it tourism day. I'll post some of the pictures I took that day when we get back home and I have a better internet connection. For dinner, we headed to the Ice Box Cafe. We both had the rigatoni there, and it was really good. However, the Ice Box Cafe isn't known for it's dinners, it's known for the desserts. Oprah Winfrey has raved about the desserts here. So we got a couple slices of cake to bring back to our hotel room, an Oreo cake, and a cake called "The Bomb". The Bomb consists of layers of cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and brownie. Oh. My. Word. Both desserts were amazing.

Wednesday morning, we headed to Big Pink for breakfast. Another amazing meal, I had "Pinky's Hollywood Breakfast", consisting of polenta fries topped with wilted spinach, bacon, poached eggs, and a rich cheese sauce. After digesting a bit, we went and laid on the beach for a couple hours. I was one of only a few women on the beach that actually kept my bikini top on. I would've joined in the topless sunbathing fun, but I neglected to sunscreen up the girls, so I kept myself contained. We did step into the water a bit, but it was really chilly, so that was short-lived. When we got back to the hotel room, Brian was really tuckered out from all that laying around, so he took a nap. For dinner, we went down the block to Grillfish. Brian had steak, and I had a fantastic shrimp picatta.

Started the day heading to the 11th St. Diner. We each got a massive omelette. The old lady in the booth next to us saw the guy bring our food and said to me, "A skinny girl like you can't eat that whole thing!" I told Brian that sounded like a challenge, but apparently, the old lady was right, and I just couldn't finish the damn thing. We headed down to the beach for a couple hours again. We've both gotten some color now, although Brian is definitely more of a shade of pink, while I've got a decent tan going. We got an early dinner at La Sandwicherie, which is just a block away from here. I got a seafood croissant. Again, a fabulous meal. Now, we're just relaxing for the night, we'll probably head to a souvenir shop in a little bit here.

I really, really, really don't want to leave tomorrow. My tan isn't dark enough and I haven't eaten enough food. I haven't seen enough sights here.

Which just means I'll have to come back again soon. :)

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  1. Awesome. Sunshine, naps, and food. Does it get any better?