Saturday, January 16, 2010

I declare today a no-idiot day

Well, I said goodbye to my baby today. Won't be seeing my Peyton for a whole week. :( It's weird being at home and not having him sleeping on the couch or getting underfoot in the kitchen. I ran some errands, and when I came home, he wasn't there to greet me. I know he's safe with my parents, but I miss him already. He's my sweet little guy.

When we got home from dropping him off, I went out to wash my car and get a couple things. The whole trip was trying to my patience. First, I went to the gas station to get my car washed. I had to wait about 20 minutes, which was ok, and expected, because when it warms up in Minnesota, everyone washes their cars. I got over that. Then I headed to the mall to pick up a game for Brian and some sunscreen. First, I went to Gamestop for the game. I don't think I've ever had a pleasant experience there, but it's the only place that he knew had the game he wanted. I went in, found it, and went up to the counter. When I'd walked in, there had been about 3-4 guys standing at the counter. Now that I actually wanted to *buy* something, there was no one around. Finally after standing there for close to 5 minutes, a guy that I'd assumed was a customer came up with another guy and a little girl. He went behind the counter to ring them up, completely ignoring that I was standing there waiting. He then went to the door of their back room, and told another guy that he had to come out, because this other guy was his brother, and he couldn't ring him up with his discount. I proceeded to wait some more while they STILL ignored me and rang up the other guy. Finally, after getting him rung up, the guy that had come out of the back room turned to me, looked confused and said, "Can I help you with something?"

"YES! I just want to buy this game!!"

Ok, fine, it was kind of bitchy, but at that point I'd been ignored for a good 10 minutes by these assholes. He snarkily replied back, "Well then I'd love to sell it to you!" It took every ounce of strength I had to not reach across the counter and bitchslap the motherfucker. I finally got rung up and out of the store. I headed back across the mall at a near snail's pace, because apparently I was the only one there in a hurry. I finally got to Target, and went to the sunscreen, where there was a woman digging through the shit in her cart right in front of the sunscreen display. She wasn't even *buying* sunscreen, just blocking it. (But really, what idiot buys sunscreen in Minnesota in January, right?) I just kind of squeezed in between her and the sunscreen and found what I wanted. I went up to the register, went to the shortest line, and proceeded to listen to the woman in front of me pick through her items and say, "I need a gift receipt for this one......and this one.....and oh, let's do this one too....and this one...."

I managed to get back out to my car and headed home. Now, I'm one of those people that will usually think that everyone else is a dumbass on the road anyways, but today was excruciating. I saw multiple different vehicles driving over the lines, and one asshole cut me off, then proceeded to slam on his brakes well before his exit.

I may never leave my house again.


  1. I have days like that sometimes....
    and I feel so uncomfortable when i go into a GameStop with Joe. I SWEAR everyone is staring at me simply because I'm female.

  2. Yeah, there seems to be an overall attitude there that girls don't belong in a video game store. Girls play games too! (Ok, so not really this girl, but girls do play video games!)