Monday, January 18, 2010

Vacation: Day 1

Today we started our vacation in Miami Beach! We got up well before dawn to be to the airport, and it was crazy there. The lines for check-in were long, and the lines for security were insane. We finally got here though, and hopped a cab from the airport to the hotel. I think there's a reason why I've never ridden in a taxi before. This guy was insane. Zipping between lanes, honking his horn 1/4 of a second after a light changed green, and changing direction at the last second. Finally, we got within a block of our hotel, and he decided that he needed to be over a block to pull up in front of the place. He quick turned and went down a creepy alley behind the hotel, where we were confronted with a small space to fit the car through, and a homeless guy pushing a bike on some kind of cart in that small space. The homeless guy stood his ground and refused to move, while the cab driver felt the need to start shouting at him. I slouched down in my seat, wondering why we traveled so far just to get whacked by a homeless guy within an hour of landing. Finally, the homeless guy backed down and got out of the way. We got almost all the way out of the alley, where there were two guys participating in what appeared to be a drug deal. Apparently they stared at us a little too long, so the driver shouted in broken English, "Whats you problem?" then turned to us and said, "Everybody here, dey have da problem!" He finally got us dropped off at our hotel, and we got checked in. After a short rest, we headed out to find food and came across Five Guys Burgers and Fries. I'm not big on burgers, they all pretty much taste the same to me, but I could actually rave about this burger. It was SOOO good!! Once we got some food in us, we walked down to the beach and just walked for a while. It was nice and relaxing. We've mostly just been bumming around the hotel room since then, because we're pretty beat from all the flying and walking and almost getting killed today.

Tomorrow's Itinerary:
*Sleep in.
*Lay around on the beach all day.
Nice. :)

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