Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A little personal randomness

So, I've been pretty bad at updating this blog. I'm trying to decide if it has anything to do with the transition from Xanga, or if I'm just not feeling the blogging. I've had plenty of exciting things happening, but to be honest, I just haven't felt the pull to blog about it. We got snowed in for Christmas this year, so it marked the first year that we haven't been with our families for Christmas, but I didn't blog about that. We managed to get down to see everyone and have our Christmas a week later, but I didn't blog about that. I took a major faceplant in my parents' garage while we were there and got 8 stitches, but I didn't blog about that. I had a really successful toy department reset at work the other night, but I didn't blog about that. We're taking our first vacation since our honeymoon next week, we're going to Miami, but I haven't blogged about that. I'm thinking maybe I should try to make it a daily thing to blog, even if it's just a short blurb about how much my day sucked. It would probably help my readership as well, if I'd actually post from time to time. I think I might try that (although I might be more forgiving about the days I work until 8 pm. Might skip those days because I don't get much time on the computer).

Here's a little something that didn't get blogged about:

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